The Federation of Manatee County Community

Associations, Inc. 

There is strength in numbers. Together we must continue our efforts to improve quality of life and government efficiency.

As the name implies, the Federation of Manatee County Community Associations is as organization of Associations. The Federation (or the FMCCA as it is also known) represents  all homeowners in Manatee County. The Federation is made up of numerous individual and association members from throughout the county.

The FMCCA strives to improve our quality of life and government efficiency through knowledge.

The Federation is non-partisan. It is an organization driven by issues. It does not support political candidates. Realistically, the Federation is the watchdog of Manatee County.

The Federation collects information and dispenses that information to the various Associations. The members of those Associations can then act as they see fit.

The Federation informs elected officials of the viewpoints of the members on various issues.The Federation strives to promote integrity in government. We speak as our members' representatives.