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The Federation of Manatee County Community Associations, Inc.

The Federation (FMCCA) was formed in 1964 because a few farsighted individuals believed that the Community Associations could best contribute to society as a whole if they become knowledgeable about local government and projects. It was felt then, as well as now, that responsible citizens should be interested and involved in those things that reflect the needs and wishes of the citizenry. It recognized that not every Community Association had the time, energy, and resources to dig into all facets of local government and those issues that affected their daily lives.

Out of these original thoughts and ideas came the Federation. A few and then more communities joined as the concept grew. Subsequently, the Federation of Manatee County Community Associations was incorporated as a non-profit organization and became more active as a voice for homeowners.

Today, there are numerous members and Associations in the Federation. The dues paid by each Association and individual members are minimal. The only costs are those for communications, operations, and incorporation. The Federation has no paid employees. Its Board of Directors is made up of voting members or delegates from each Association. There is an executive board consisting of the current officers and past presidents of the Federation.